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C1795 Robert Marr Square Piano

c1795 Robert Marr square piano

c1795 Marr 1This late 18th century square piano by Robert Marr would at first sight appear to be made by Broadwood.  It uses brass under-dampers and the wrest pins are positioned at the back of the instrument.  There are many other details that are similar to a Broadwood but there are also a number of differences.  The nameboard inscription reads: Robert Marr, Edinburgh, Maker from London”. It would seem likely that Marr worked for John Broadwood before taking up business in Edinburgh. Robert Marr’s workshop was located in Head Halkerston’s Wynd.  This square piano has a pedal that is used for a lid swell.  If Marr made these instruments, he must have been a very accomplished maker to copy Broadwood square pianos.  Clinkscale (Makers of the Piano 1760-1820) gives his dates as 1794 to 1810 only.

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