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Culliford, Thomas

Piano and harpsichord maker. He was born in Somerset in 1745. He may have been apprenticed to John Hitchcock, harpsichord and spinet maker. Culliford married Mary Goldsworth in 1770. From 1779 he lived and worked at 16 Fountain Court, Cheapside. He was contracted to Longman & Broderip to make a large number of square pianos that ceased when this firm became bankrupt in 1796. Culliford was in business with John Goldsworth, (probably a relation of his wife Mary Goldsworth) William Rolfe and Thomas Bradford in 1786. Both Thomas Culliford and John Geib were contracted to make square pianos for Longman & Broderip but under different contractual relationships. Culliford continued trading as Culliford, Rolfe & Barrow between 1795-1798 at 13 Red Lion Court, Watling Street and Culliford & Barrow in 1798 but became bankrupt in the same year. In 1798, William Rolfe continued a separate business as piano maker. Culliford was a very accomplished and prolific maker and through his contractual relationship with Longman & Broderip was able to produce instruments in a quantity and of a quality to compete with John Broadwood towards the end of the 18th century. He died in 1817.


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