Finchcocks Square Piano Weekend 2013

Following the successful square piano weekend at Finchcocks Musical Museum, Goudhurst, Kent, on 12th and 13th May this year, a third annual event has been arranged to take place on 11th and 12th May 2013.   This is a social and informative occasion for all those who have interest in square pianos and the restoration of these instruments.  Attendees came not only from the UK but also Europe and the United States to this year’s event.  It is undertaken at the kind invitation of Richard and Katrina Burnett and is organised by John Broadwood & Sons and Friends of Square Pianos.

Richard Burnett addressing the attendees at the event this year.

The full details of next year’s event are not available at present but for further information please contact Friends of Square Pianos,  email  David at