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Garcka, George

Piano maker. He was born about 1750 in Schimmerwitz (now Siemirowice in Poland) and it is thought that he came to London in the 1760’s. He was making square pianos from 1778 or perhaps a little earlier until 1792. He traded at 16 Stephen Street, Rathbone Place, Tottenham Court Road from 1783 to 1791 and in 1792 his address was the corner of Edward Street and Wardour Street. (This is also the address of James Henry Houston, piano maker) In December 1787 he was declared bankrupt but was able to continue in business until 1792 when his business was acquired by John Bates and partners. A patent was taken out by Garcka in 1792 that positioned the wrest pins behind the nameboard with the strings running diagonally from this position to the right. Some of the early square pianos made by Garcka were elegant and inlaid similar to those made by Christopher Ganer.

1780 Garcka

The nameboard of a Garcka square piano 1780


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