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Graham WalkerThis is the website of Graham Walker, Dorset, UK who has had an interest in the early piano for over 30 years. He has undertaken the restoration of instruments for private collection and has also carried out research on early pianos and their makers over this period. This has been done alongside a career in management consultancy and performance management. Early retirement in 2007 enabled him to become more involved and he commissioned a cloth manufacturer to produce an authentic keyboard cloth. This cloth is the nearest match to an early 19th century piano cloth that can be made within modern manufacturing processes. It was initially produced for his requirements but it soon came in demand by others.  Further types of cloth have been replicated by request from makers and restorers.  These cloths can be purchased from the online shop on this website.  He has also undertaken some research into the leather used in early English pianos and is currently working in liaison with the Institute of Creative Leather Technology, Northampton University, UK with the objective of determining specifications. He is involved in supporting interest in the early piano and is passionate about ensuring that our heritage of early pianos collections in the UK can be maintained for the future.

Square Piano Weekend 2014 at Finchcocks Musical Museum

Finchcocks Musical Museum
Finchcocks Musical Museum, Goudhurst, Kent

The 4th Square Piano Weekend will be held at Finchcocks Musical Museum, Goudhurst in Kent, UK on the 10th and 11th May 2014.  This is an informal and social weekend and all are very welcome.  The main part of Saturday is devoted to demonstrations, talks and discussions, primarily about square pianos.  There will be evening dinner in the Cellar Restaurant followed by a recital by the ensemble Café Haydn from the Netherlands.  On Sunday there will be unstructured access to the amazing instruments in the collection, with the usual ‘Open Day’ in the afternoon.

Finchcocks Square Piano event
Finchcocks Square Piano Weekend May 2013

The soloist during the day on Saturday is Martyna Kazmierczak .  She will lead a presentation on the different stages in the development of square pianos, and the relationship between the technical differences, the music, and the approach to playing.   Other presentations include, “The Early Development of the Square Piano in America” – by Tom Strange; “Tales from the Saleroom” – by Graham Wells who was the early keyboard instrument specialist advisor to Sotheby’s;  “A Portable Square Piano made by Charles Trute”;  “The Sound of Silence” on hearing Music in the 18th and early 19th Century – by Olaf van Hees; “The Square Piano as a Musical Instrument – A player’s perspective”,  a second presentation by  Martyna Kazmierczak; “The Broadwood Tuners”  by Alastair Laurence who is the Curator at the Finchcocks Musical Museum;  and “Bells and Whistles, mutation stops and pedals”  by Luke Bradley.

Martyna Kazmierezak
Martyna Kazmierczak

Café Haydn in their evening concert will re-enact a musical evening with a cup of tea, as it was usual around 1800 in a well to do English household. This was not as formal as we think today. Some songs and lyrics caused amused raised eyebrows and hilarious moments. The programme includes music by Haydn, the composer with the status of a popstar in the era of Jane Austen.  His Scottish Songs, piano trios and piano sonatas, were written to please the audience.  Café Haydn has performed this programme ‘Tea with Jane’ with great success.  The reactions of the audience: Absolutely hilarious!

Prices: The main programme: £50 per person.  (Concession £25 for full-time students under 30) Saturday evening dinner: £25.  Evening concert: £10.  Tea and Coffee on Saturday included.  All other meals and drinks at cost. To confirm reservations, and for all enquiries, please contact David at

The early keyboard materials offered for sale on this website will be available at this event for purchase.

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