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Our fine quality early keyboard cloths are manufactured as close as possible to the original found in early English pianos and we always aim to make improvements whenever possible.  We value feedback from our customers to ensure that we are meeting their requirements.   The following Testimonials have been given to us.

A summary of Testimonials

“The most historically accurate cloth available for early keyboard instruments”  Andrew & Robert Durand – The Music Room Workshop Makers & Restorers of Early Keyboard Instruments Prestwick Farm, Prestwick Lane, Chiddingfold, Surrey, GU8 4XP, England.

“I have recently used the hitch pin bearing cloth on a Broadwood square of 1802 where the original had been replaced with an inappropriate bright red felt. Your woven cloth is a superb copy of what would have been there originally both in weave, colour and weight. I am also using the green early keyboard cloth for the front and back touch rails with very pleasing results. Thank you for all your research resulting in the production of these very useful materials”   Lucy Coad, Square Piano Conservation and Repair,  Hill Farm Workshop. Greenway Lane . Cold Ashton Chippenham,  SN14 8LA,  England.

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