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Sale of early keyboard cloths

A new damper cloth is available from 15 February 2016 that is even closer in composition to the original used in early 19th century pianos than our previous cloth.  It is made from a finer yarn but uses a courser wool.  The result is a cloth that is slightly firmer but with increased surface nap.  Like the previous cloth, it is of appropriate thickness that is essential.  You will find the new cloth an excellent and authentic replacement of original damper cloth and compliments the existing green Early Keyboard Cloth and the Broadwood type hitch-pin bearing cloth. 

We have also made a changes to the sale of small quantities of cloths.  The green early keyboard cloth is now available 1 metre wide and the damper cloth 50cms wide.  This is a more appropriate cloth width when used for one or two instruments and saves wastage.   This has enabled small quantities of the Early Keyboard Cloth and the single instrument set of cloths to remain at present prices but due to increase in production costs, there is a small increase in other prices. 

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