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Carolina Music Museum

Carolina Music Museum

In the rather disappointing outlook for early keyboard instrument museums in the UK it is good to know that in the United States there will be a new museum. The Carolina Music Museum, Grenville, South Carolina will be opened in March 2018 with a wide range of exhibits.  It will include a rich presence of American and English instruments that will be presented in an interesting and accessible way.

Transforming the space for the Carolina Museum Museum to accommodate the exhibits is being undertaken now and Tom Strange the curator of the collection has organised the work necessary to bring the instruments up to exhibition standard. Among these include an American square piano by Robert and William Nunns (1828), a Longman and Broderip grand piano (1795), and a Broadwood upright grand (1805).  It is expected that there will be about 35 to 40 instruments.

In contrast in the UK, we have seen the close of Finchcocks Musical Museum in Kent, England in December 2015 and the close of the Colt Clavier Collection also in Kent.  Even the V&A have withdrawn their musical instruments from exhibition.

We wish all success to the South Carolina Museum.

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