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A new book about Zumpe and his pianoforte

Until now, no book had ever been written exclusively about Zumpe and his pianoforte. So, this is the first publication devoted solely to this maker and his formidable instruments. It was sparked by the Barcelona Music Museum’s restoration project for the 1776 Zumpe & Buntebart pianoforte after a lengthy process of research and study carried out by the German restorer Kerstin Schwarz.

Pablo Gómez Ábalos, the editor and co-author of this book, highlights that this “sophisticatedly simple pianoforte designed and constructed in 1766 by Johannes Zumpe (1726-1790) was the true driving force behind the piano’s social, commercial, and creative route forward”. Hence, the book spotlights a constructor and an instrument that are both of cardinal importance in piano history and places the instrument in its social context. On the other hand it thoroughly shows the whole restoration process.

The articles of the book are written by credited specialists on the matter such as Michael Cole (Scholar, Harpsichord and Pianoforte maker and restorer), Pablo Gómez Ábalos (Freelance scholar, fortepianist and clavichordist), Kerstin Schwarz (organologist, early keyboard instrument maker and restorer) and Marisa Ruiz Magaldi (Curator of Museu de la Música de Barcelona).


The presentation of the book at the Museu de la Música de Barcelona, Spain.
From left to right: Pablo Gómez Ábalos, Kerstin Schwarz and Jaume Ayats.

The index of the book is as follows:


  • (Preface) The Zumpe & Buntebart square piano (1776) of the Museu de la Música de Barcelona by Marisa Ruiz Magaldi


  • Johannes Zumpe, Gabriel Buntebart and their small pianoforte in context by Michael Cole


  • The Zumpe pianoforte from the perspective of the keyboard. An organological and biomechanical source analysis by Pablo Gómez Ábalos


  • The restoration of the square piano by Johannes Zumpe & Gabriel Buntebart, London 1776, Museu de la Música de Barcelona by Kerstin Schwarz


  • An annotated bibliography of Zumpe and his pianoforte by Pablo Gómez Ábalos


  • (Annex) Technical datasheet of the quoted Zumpe and Zumpe & Buntebart instruments by Pablo Gómez Ábalos

It can be purchased in both printed version and e-book version (with audio-visual materials). Further information and purchase:




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