1812 Broadwood & Sons, square piano

This is a particularly fine example of an early 19th century Broadwood square piano that is currently under restoration. This model was known as the “Elegant” with decorative brass mouldings and decoration. The nameboard inscription reads: “John Broadwood & Sons, Maker to his majesty and the prinesses, Great Pulteney Street, London, Golden Square”.

c1827 William Stodart & Son, grand piano

This is another Stodart grand piano but made about 31 years later than the example above. It shows the tubular compensation frame invented by James Thom and William Allen, workman of William Stodart. This invention was supposed to help keep the instrument in tune by compensating for change in temperature. The nameboard inscription reads: “William […]

C1843 Collard & Collard square piano

  The last square piano in England was made by John Broadwood & Sons in 1866.  The soundboard extends over the area above the keyboard, and together with being of larger proportions, this type of instrument has greater dynamics and volume of sound than earlier square pianos.  It is generally considered less desirable in view of […]