Francis Fane BRODERIP » Directory of Piano Makers and Merchants in London 1760-1800

Francis Fane BRODERIP

Photo of Francis Fane BRODERIP


Business activity:    Merchant (piano and other musical instruments, music publisher and seller)

Trading as, employed by or contracted to:    Longman, Lukey & Broderip (James Longman, Charles Lukey and Francis Fane Broderip) 1775-1776, Longman & Broderip (James Longman and Francis Fane Broderip) 1775-1796, Broderip & Wilkinson (Francis Fane Broderip and George Wilkinson) 1798-1811

Business Address:    Harp & Crown, 26 Cheapside 1775-1796, 13 Haymarket 1798-1811