Directory of Piano Makers and Merchants in London 1760-1800

John Christopher ZUMPE

Photo of John Christopher ZUMPE

Business activity:    Harpsichord and Square piano maker (also made English guitars initially when he arrived in London)  Some of his square pianos were organised that combined the piano and organ

Trading as, employed by or contracted to:    John Zumpe c1761-1768,  Zumpe & Buntebart 1768-1778, Zumpe & Co. 1778-1783, possible business relationship with Meincke and Meyer

Business Address:    7 Princes Street Hanover Square, c1761-1780, Princes Street Cavendish Square, 1780-1783

Comments:   The earliest extant square pianos made by Zumpe are dated 1766.  It is believed that he may have started making these instruments in 1765 based on 19th century newspaper reports.  In 1783, Schoene & Co were the successors to Zumpe remaining at the same address in Cavendish Square

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