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Clementi square piano c1808       SOLD

1808 Clementi square piano 1A Clementi square piano made about 1808 in plain case with French frame stand.   This piano has been fully restored in the past and although remains in reasonable condition has not been played recently and will require a little work to bring back into playing condition.  It is complete with the pedal, but the inner cover is missing.  The nameboard has painted decoration with leaf and flower garland decoration.  The inscription reads: “New Patent, Muzio Clementi & Co., Cheapside, London”.

1808 Clementi square piano 21808 Clementi square piano 31808 Clementi square piano 4








The date of 1808 is assessed  from the work of Leif Sahlqvist, (Clementi & Co 1798–1830, Pianoforte Manufacture in London published in 2014).


Christopher Ganer square piano (made between 1785 and 1790)


Ganer1An 18th century square piano by Christopher Ganer in satinwood cross-banded case on a trestle stand.
This piano is in good playing condition and has a restored action but would benefit from some further work.  The nameboard inscription reads: “C. Ganer, Grand and Small Forte Piano manufacturer, Broad Street, Golden Square, London”. It has a five octave keyboard FF to f3. Originally it was fitted with two hand stops for sustain and buff but these are now operated by pedals. The trestle stand is a replacement. It is of small size measuring 157cms long and 53cms deep and therefore can more easily be accommodated than later instruments.

Ganer2Ganer4Christopher Ganer was not only a piano maker but also an inlayer and most of his square pianos have very elegant cases that are fine examples of late 18th century neo-classical inlay work. The inlay woods include mahogany, satinwood, ebony, boxwood and purple heart. The nameboard is also inlayed with a leaf spray surrounding the central inscription cartouche. It is a fine piece of period furniture as well as an early piano.


It is reasonably priced and a Christopher Ganer square piano in fully restored condition would have a much higher value.


An important early square piano by Frederick Beck dated 1776 in excellent playing condition


1776 Beck square piano 1

It is not very often that an early square piano made in the tradition of the earliest English square pianos of Johannes Zumpe comes onto the market, at least in excellent playing condition.  Johannes Zumpe started making the English square piano in 1766 and this piano was made 10 years later in 1776, and is basically of the same design.   There are only four known extant square pianos made by Frederick Beck that are older than this instrument as recorded on the register of early pianos, Clinkscale online.  (

1776 Beck square piano 2

This square piano was professionally restored by Andrew Lancaster and has been maintained in excellent playing condition since this restoration. The keyboard compass is FF to f3.  There are two stops, one for bass dampers and the other for treble dampers.  There is a pedal for a buff stop and there is evidence of a second pedal for a lid swell that was probably fitted as an addition when the instrument was made but removed when the lid swell became out of fashion in the 1790’s.   The piano measures 144cms x 50cms.

1776 Beck square piano 3

1776 Beck square piano 4

Arnold Frederick Beck (fl.1772-1794) is considered to be an important maker and was one of the so called “twelve Apostles” working in London in the 18th century.


Muzio Clementi square piano c.1801


A fine early Clementi square piano made about 1801 with English double action, Irish dampers and having excellent floral sweat pea garland painted nameboard decoration.

Clementi 1

This piano is substantially in original condition and has retained all fretwork and its original silk inner-cover. It has not seen any significant repair and it is nice to see an example such as this one that has not had any major intervention in recent times. This piano is probably one of the first Clementi squares to have the painted nameboard decoration that continued until about 1809.

Clementi 2

Painted nameboard decoration

The mahogany case with pedal has excellent colour and patina. The music shelf is an old but a later addition but can be easily removed if desired.  The inside edge of the case is veneered in boxwood having double line that is typical of the very early examples. The nameboard inscription reads: “New Patent, Muzio Clementi & Co., Cheapside, London”.

Clementi 3

Clementi 4

It is visually impressive and is being sold as a fine example for restoration.