Early Piano interest A sort of on-line club for owners, potential owners, and friends of square pianos.  A dedicated resource guide for the restoration enthusiast who is looking for information on restoring the early square piano!  This site is being developed to help individuals who have (or would like to have!), a working square piano from late 18th or early 19th century, and perhaps would like to know more about how to approach restoring such an instrument. It may also be a place for the more experienced restorer to share their best practices and techniques, and to advance the state of the art in early piano studies.   The website of David Hunt, a professional restorer (retired).  This website is an information source for restorers, players, owners and researchers into early pianos made before 1837.  In particular, it gives a register of extant Broadwood grand pianos.

Professional restorers in the UK

The professional restorers mentioned below I know personally and have agreed to be linked from this site. The Music Room Workshop is a family business run by Andrew and Robert Durand, specialist makers and restorers of early keyboard instruments, in Chiddingfold, Surrey.   Lucy Coad, Square Piano Conservation and Repair.  Lucy also makes bass strings for square pianos.  She established the business in 1985 and is located at Cold Ashton, near Chippenham.

Database of Early Pianos A register of pianos made before 1860. Add your instrument to the database to help this valuable project. This project was founded by Professor Martha Clinkscale.

Other sites Victoria and Albert Museum, London