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This is where you will find new and accurate  information about early English pianos.  This information covers a wide range of subjects from the design and development of instruments to advice relevant to them today.   Therefore, if you are interested in the history of pianos, or are an owner/potential owner of an early piano there is something here of interest for you.

There are key papers that have been prepared based on new research and shorter articles of interest.


William Southwell – The Prolific Inventor of the Piano


The survival and preservation of English Square Pianos

The early English square piano 1760-1800

Advice about buying a Square Piano

Square Piano Nameboard Fretwork

Hammer Covering and Leather

Longman and Broderip – “Directions for the management of piano fortes”

Harman Vietor and his “Forte ex Piano”


Present research subject:  

The subject of present research is Christopher Ganer and his square pianos.   Ganer was a leading maker of square pianos in London, particularly during the 1780’s and early 1790’s but, at present, very little is known about him.   There is already an article about Christopher Ganer  published on this website but further and a more in depth research is being done.

If you have any information about Christopher Ganer, or own one his his square pianos we would be pleased to hear from you.   We know about his marriage and immediate family but if you are a descendant and have any information about his life, please also get in touch.  Thank you.   Contact

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